Friday, October 3, 2008

Homecoming Week!

This week has been different for us. This was the first time the boy got to do the dress up week for the High School. Mon. was Costume Day, Tues. was Sports Day , Wed. was Blast from the past day, Thurs. was homecoming shirts and crazy hair day and today was black and white day (school colors).

Mon. the boy went as a Hunter... so did every other boy in the school lol. Tues. he wore his Yankees jersey and I wore my Hogs shirt since I worked. Wed. he went from the 80's with a Motley Crue shirt and stonewashed jeans. I tried to get him to tight roll them but when I showed him what I was talking about he went all 2008 on me... like whatever!! Thurs. he wore his homecoming shirt but wouldn't do the crazy hair thing. Today he wore his school shirt... on the way to school he wondered about painting his face half white and half black. Didn't have anything up my a$$ to pull that one off so he didn't get that done. Gee son next year let me know the day before or even better whenever you find out when black and white day is.

Thurs. afternoon the Jr. and Sr. High played games against each other to see which class rules. The Seniors are big fat cheaters!! 7th grade has some learning to do... they should beat next years 7th grade lol. ;) As we were waiting on the hula hoop game to start we hear over the loud speaker... "there's a fight in the stands, can someone break them up".

Tonight as I sit here writing I am really waiting for the Homecoming dance to be over with so I can go pick up my boy and come home and go to sleep. Only 53 more mins. to go.


Steph said...

Sounds like a great week.....takes me back! Hope he enjoyed the dance!

Jen said...

Ah... How sweet!

Sounds like fun!