Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't believe it!

Do I have any CSI fans out there? OMG!! That's all that comes to mind on the season premiere.

I worked Jr. and Sr. High School today. I was 2 different teachers today. The one in the morning went OK but one class got loud and just as I was yelling for them to get quiet the teacher walked in. You should have seen their faces when they seen him. After lunch I went to my next room. The first class I had in there got SUPER loud and the teacher next door opened the door and ripped them a new one. You could have heard a pin drop both times. My last class was most of the same students from the first loud bunch. I threaten lives if they got loud on me again. They must believe me b/c they were quiet as mice.

Tomorrow I am working again. I pray she left them enough work. I will only have Sr. High tomorrow... yeah me!

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Jen said...

I haven't watched the new CSI yet. I heard it was a tear jerker!