Friday, January 30, 2009

Been a while

I'm still around. It's been hard to post anything without feeling like crap doing it. I feel like I should feel very blessed and most days I do. But sometimes you just feel like every things against you. Lately I have been there. The boy has been having some problems and I felt like I was failing him. I think I am over that feeling.. I think. It sucks when you kids are hurting, failing, sick and it feels like the only thing you can do is NOTHING!!

I have been keeping up with little Harper and Brayden. They are both improving so much and I am so happy for their parents. I was glad to have come across their blogs and have enjoyed following them. But then I came across another blog... The Maxey family has been through so much and now are facing so much more. It's just NOT fair for any parent to know what losing a child is like. CANCER TRULY SUCKS!!!!

When I read about parents losing a child I have to remember my aunt lost 2 within 2 years of each other. How do you go through that? How do you go on?

I also have a family that is heavy in my heart right now. The guy is waiting for a kidney. The other day they thought they had one but it was damaged by the time it got to the hospital. I would love to just be able to make everyone well but that isn't possible...

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