Friday, September 12, 2008


I subbed for the same teacher again today. Today went much better. As 3rd period rolled around I was dreading the little &^*%(%). As the kids came in I am watching and waiting, b/c I made up my mind last night I would NOT have another day like yesterday, but no little &*(^*&%&*)%) walks through my door. Was it my lucky day?! Yes, no, maybe?! No, of course not he came in really late! OMG he was a different kid today! I was very thankful not to have to give him d-hall or send him to the office. Or both!

As my conference time was coming up I was asked to cover a math class. Yea just what I wanted a 7th grade class... but then I remembered it was my 7th grader. When I walked into the room I see they are watching tv. I go in and sit down and see they are not only watching tv but they are watching Numbers. So for one period today I got paid to sit on my butt and watch Numbers one of my favorite shows. Now I will never dread that teachers class lol.

So anyway I am off here the laundry's calling and I need to catch up on blogs. :)

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