Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jr. High

I was reading another blog last night about 7th grade. The mom was remembering what it was like back then and I started remembering what I was doing back then too.

The summer before 7th grade started I was "dating" a boy a grade older than me. That summer I got my first real kiss. We held hands at the mall almost every Friday night. I said my first "I love you". He gave me a ring and I thought we would last forever. Lol how things quickly change when you both start different schools.

Once in the 7th grade I met another boy. We kissed and held hands a few times. He was ALWAYS grounded so we didn't go to the mall. We didn't last long. After him there were a few crushes but nothing much more.

At the end of that year I started talking to another older guy. Once again I thought it was ever lasting love... oh how wrong I was. That summer we seen each other as much as possible, at the mall, the pool, a friends sister's house. That summer my life changed more than I every thought it would. Come to find out he thought once my bff has sex for the first time I was next. Yes I was so stupid and young that I let him talk me into something I knew little about. At the time I thought I was in love and it was the only way to keep him. Sicken isn't it?!

Now that I am a mom to a 7th grader I feel sick to think back. I try so hard to be more open with him about things than my grandparents were with me. I let him know his dad and I are here for him and he can tell us anything. I hope he listens and doesn't make those mistakes I did so young. Don't get me wrong I know he will make mistakes and that's part of life. I just hope sex is something he waits for.