Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9:45 and the phone rings

My heart just dropped out of my chest. The phone rang and I see on the caller ID it's my mom's number. She doesn't call this late. I answer the phone and it's my (step) dad and he asks what I'm doing? Nothing, what's up? Your momma needs to tell you something! OK! She gets on the phone and says... I was FIRED today!!!! What??? She starts crying and telling me what happened. She says they waited till 5:00 pm to fire her and the reason they gave her was she was late last Thursday morning?!? WTH? Oh here's the kicker... her job was posted in the newspaper Sunday and someone came in today to interview?!

She has been with this company for 21 years. I am still in shock and I can't begin to imagine what she's feeling right now. Please pray for her. I know God has plans but I'm not sure she does.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh how heartbreaking :(. I can't imagine. I'll be praying that she figures out what those plans are soon.