Saturday, March 28, 2009


These are the puppies we are left with. Early Wed. morning the 2 that looked so much like Lady passed away. The little boy dead first, I was trying to warm him and feed him and I thought for a minute that he might be OK. He died a few minutes later tho. The little girl died after I had gone to bed for the night. Since Lady wasn't with the boy she has been looking for him. I feel so very bad for her.

The little brown one at the top of the picture is still very small compared to the other 3 so I have been feeding her every 4 or so hours by bottle. I pulled her out yesterday and helped her nurse with Lady and I guess she finally "got" it b/c last night I caught her nursing along with the others. I am still feeding her to help Lady out but you can look at her now and see she's growing. I don't want to lose another puppy.


Lisa said...

One word......ADORABLE!!! I wouldn't be able to give them up. ;)

Brandy said...

It will be VERY hard when the day comes.