Saturday, February 21, 2009

So glad it's the weekend.

Thursday started off bad. Around 2 am my baby girl woke me saying she didn't feel very good. Minutes later we were in the bathroom and she was throwing up. After I got everything cleaned up I got her a place on the floor fixed and the trash can beside her. I decided to do a suppository because she has a habit of going down fast when she gets a bug. She didn't throw up anymore and went back to sleep around 3 am.

At 4:58 am the phone rings!!! Not good for the phone to ring at that hour. I looked at the caller ID and see it's my stepdad. I answer and he tells me he feels bad. Then he says I don't think I am going to make it. WHAT?! I asked what he meant by that and he says he thinks he's dying!! I asked him where he was and he told me he was crossing the county line... ok that's like 2 mins from my house... come here. I jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes, call my in laws, and start brushing my teeth. The phone rings again and he says "I've crashed"!!! Ok I am on my way. I jumped in my van and start down the highway. I find a car on the side of the road and pull over. A man is down in the ditch with him and they are standing outside of the truck. I got out and ran to see what happened. The man hadn't seen what happened just seen the tail lights from the highway and stopped to see if the person was OK. He had already called 911 by the time I got there. The man helped me get him to my van and we looked up to another car stopping... a nurse! Thank you Lord for both the man and the nurse. The nurse come to my van to see how she could help. Turns out he had a very bad reaction to something and by this point his throat was swelling up and I believe he was going into shock. The nurse told me she had some benadryl so I ran to her car and grabbed it and she give him some. During all of this I had finally gotten ahold of my mom and we were waiting for her so we could get him to the ER. She pulled up within a few mins of me calling and we left for the ER. They run some tests and couldn't figure out what did it but they said it was most diffidently a reaction. So after watching him and running meds they left him go him a few hours later. The real kicker is Wed. around 6 pm he and I talked and he told me he had gotten in something and he was breaking out in hives and itching like crazy. I told him to go get some benadryl and he told me he would. Well the 2 places he went didn't have any so he just went back to the lake to finish his night of running yo yo's. I didn't know he hadn't gotten the benadryl till after the nurse stopped!!!!

After all of that I had to get to Little Rock for my doctor appointment at the Headache Clinic. I couldn't believe my blood pressure wasn't high but it was normal. It was a fasting appointment so they could redue my blood work. Back in August my cholesterol was high so she wanted to see if it was still high. Plus my Vitamin D was super low the last two times.

My mil had gotten the boy off to school for me and my fil kept the girl. Once my mom and stepdad were released they stopped and picked up baby girl. Now that things were getting back to normal (whatever that is) I decided to go ahead and do the birthday shopping I had planned to do while in Little Rock. I got her some really cute clothes, a few toys and a game for the Wii. Mostly from my mom, stepdad and the in laws. I finally headed home and my mom and stepdad brought the kids home... they had picked up the boy from school. When they walked in the door and I looked at baby girl I knew she didn't feel good. I check her temp and it was 103, so I got Motrin in her fast and set her up on the couch. Her temp was 103 again this morning but since that she hasn't had any. So even though we have a bug running it's course I am thankful it's the weekend and I pray I never have to live this past Thursday ever again!

A few more details... for my new readers (if I have any) my stepdad is more of a dad to me than my "real" dad has ever tried to be but for my readers from my old blog I say stepdad because I have posted things about the "real" dad that I wouldn't want people to confuse my stepdad with. Anyway my stepdad is OK. He blacked out after calling me and crossed the highway and hit a HUGE Pine tree head on. He came to and called me back. His truck was totaled but it's just a truck. The only thing that matters is he was OK. I bought him a huge bottle of benadryl and I told him to please have some with him at all times from now on just in case.


Amy said...

WOW! What a scary experience. So glad that he is ok! Thank the Lord!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man, I'm so glad he's ok! That could have turned out much, much worse! I'm glad he called you. I hope your baby girl is feeling better VERY soon!