Friday, July 24, 2009

a little bit of everything

The kids and I went to Little Rock Wed. to shop for school clothes, shoes and a backpack. Hunter got a few pairs of jeans and some shirts to go with them. Both of them got a pair of shoes. Lauren found her a backpack. She had already found a lunch box BUT the backpack she got has a matching one that hooks to the backpack so I think I am going to order her one as a surprise.

We also went to the Little Rock Zoo while we were running around. I have pictures but blogger and/or my computer is acting out so I will have to post them tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are heading to the pool. It's been almost a month since our last visit. Hunter had his wreak and was scared to swim with the road rash and then Lauren got an ear infection so now that they are both healed we are going.

Sat. is the annual golf tournament for my 2 cousins that passed away. I would LOVE to go but it's over 5 hours away now and it's not looking like we won't be making it. :( It got moved last year so we didn't make it then either.

Well it's after 1:30 am and the kids are going to be ready to go to the pool as soon as it opens so I need to run. Night!

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