Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I may have..

lost my mind. If you have been reading older posts you know we have a dachshund named Lady Bug. She had puppies back in March. We have decided to keep the only girl that lived. So now we have 5 beagles and 2 dachshunds. Yes I am crazy... I know! I just couldn't sell her and Vince fell for her too and of course the kids wanted to keep all of them. Now we need names. We have Blue, Red, Grady, John, Henry and Lady Bug so what do y'all think? She's black and tan and she will be small. Please help us out. Lauren says Princess and Hunter says Honey (we had a black and tan named that when he was a baby) and I haven't a clue. I counting on y'all, please don't make me cry! :)

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