Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is it Thanksgiving break yet?

Is it just me or what? I am so ready for a school break. Not just because I have been working there alot either. I am ready for a few days with the kids without worrying about homework, tests, going to bed early and everything else that comes with school nights. I just want to hang out and do nothing. I am ready to drag the tree down and watch the kids hang the ornaments on it. Hubby went and bought Wal-mart out of lights last year so he will be busy putting those on the house. I am even thinking about braving Black Friday this year.

Right now all I am braving is my pain. I did a boo boo and forgot to take my preventative meds for my migraines twice and I am still paying dearly for it. I think I finally got the headache gone, now I just have to work the tightness out of my neck and shoulders. It just amazes me how 2 days of no meds has turned my world upside down again. I am going on day 6 and my neck isn't showing any improvement. :(

I am working the next 5 days before our break. 4 of those being 2nd grade. I will let you know how it goes.

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