Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's been a while

I can't seem to get into the mind to post! Sorry about that!

Things are not so good around here right now and I hate to be a downer. My hubby works for the railroad and he's having a hard time keeping a job. Ok not a job... he's an engineer and he drives trains to different areas and right now he getting bumped off boards left and right. It seems that he gets a few days work and then gets bumped again and then has to find another place to work. A lot of the boards offer a guarantee but if you don't work it the whole half then you don't get that... railroaders get use to that guarantee and then when they can't keep it money gets low. Not a good thing when the bills don't stop coming in. It has been like this for a good 5 months now so you can imagine that some bills get pushed back and you think next month will be better and then it's not! I know it could be much worse and I should be thankful he has a job so I haven't said anything to to many people b/c I know there are people that are worse off than us!

The stress of all of this has made my migraines so much worse and stomach is always in knots! Thank goodness I have been subbing a lot this year or things could be MUCH worse! The only thing is this last month the phone hasn't been ringing much for me either.

So sorry for throwing this all out here but I'm hoping it helps relieve some stress! Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts that we both will get called to work more and that we can get caught up and get back to normal!

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