Saturday, October 3, 2009


Sorry I went missing again.

I have been subbing since the 2nd week of school on and off. I got asked to sub for 1st grade Sept. 4th and maybe the 7th. Well that turned into a full time position. I had to call in this past Thursday b/c I came down with the flu. :( I was going to be in there till at least this coming Monday.

Subbing for 1st grade was fun but not easy. We have a little boy with DS this year. He is the sweetest little guy. His face would light up when he walked into the class room. He likes to take his shoes off every chance he gets and 90% of the time if I could he wanted me to tie them when they needed to be put back on. He melted my heart! :)

Like I said the sub had to call in this week. We (the school) are passing the flu around I finally caught it... lucky me! Not even an hour after I got home from the dr. Lauren started feeling bad. We are both on Tamiflu and I will be done tomorrow. I have felt more normal today than I have in days. Lauren hasn't had a fever in over 24 hours but she is still weak. I am hoping she feels more like herself tomorrow. I have been opening the windows hoping to air out the house. Today I washed the sheets and bedding.

Tomorrow looks like more rain! Yeah just what we need lol. A few weeks ago I thought we would have to start building an Ark. Oh well what can I do about it?!

One more thing... Go HOGS Go!!! :D

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