Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The railroad life/wife

Hubby got in last night around 8:30. He came in grabbed something to eat then went to bed. This morning he decided not to spend the morning with me but instead go fishing. Sucks he only caught 3 fish in 5 hours too. Anyway he came in grabbed a bite and took a nap. When the kids got home he got up to visit. I made dinner and while we were eating the phone rang. It was work calling him. He left at 6:00. Not even 24 hours together. So that's the life of the railroad.


Steph said...

Brandy, welcome to blogger!!! It is so exciting to see you here! I am glad the kids are adjusting to school. I am sure after a couple weeks, they won't be able to stop calling you to sub! Sorry you and dh aren't getting much time together. That's not fun! (((HUGS)))

Brandy said...

Steph, thanks for the welcome. Hey the railroad wife beats the army wife. I wouldn't won't to be that again.